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Transport Operations Solutions (3PL)

We deliver the finest blend of proven intelligence, technology and excellence you need to manage your supply chain with certainty for enterprises.


Services span a range of different industries, each with a unique set of challenges

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    Access to a Trusted Transporter network that is certified and verified periodically on the basis of market reputation, financial standing and operational capability.
    Our due diligence process includes verification of details pertaining to the truck type, capacity, route preference and the driver details for more that 30,000 trucks that are empanelled in our system.

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    Quality of service

    Rely on us to enjoy a seamless hassle free transportation experience at an economical cost. Our technology platform allows us to match the best suited truck/ driver and route to your requirements. The transporters are trained to understand your logistics needs better and are committed to providing a superior quality of service to your business.

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    Every load requirement from the business is run through a reverse auction in the process with eligible trucks and it is always the lowest cost that wins the contract. A straight-forward mechanism guarantees competitive freight rates and fair price discovery.

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    Track & Trace

    We are in constant touch with the truck through our Command Centre that uses GPS enabled technology to track and trace the truck real time. Our command centre also monitors the progress of each trip by staying in touch with the truck driver and simultaneously providing the truck drivers inputs on the road conditions, traffic movements and the best route. Thereby ensuring the smooth completion of trip every time!

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    Document Digitilaization

    Digitized documents pertaining to every empanelled truck are stored with us enabling instant access to the transporter, consigner and consignee. We also store a digital version of all the documents for each trip providing access and audit trail even after the completion of the trip.

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    Access on the Go

    Our mobile app iloads allows instant access to find a truck, price discovery, load management, tracking of loads and invoicing & payments.

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